Beer on the go – Let it begin

For those of you who don’t know already, my name is Jess and this right here is the very beginning of a new project that I have decided to embark on. If you are looking for more info on myself, check out my bio here About Jess ! But if you want to know more about what’s going on here, keep on reading!

I realize that the first thing that I should ultimately begin with here is where the idea for this project came from. I have spent the past few years collecting cookbooks, and idolizing them as they sit upon my stacked book shelves and flour dusted kitchen counters. I browse blog after blog, and cruise through intricately curated Instagram feeds of food stylists, chefs, personal bloggers and artists alike, all with the hope that something is going to spark and that i’ll find myself traveling smoothly into the professional world of food based media and design.

Well… I tried that for a year or two and I have grappled with a few ideas, held and co-hosted an event or two and yet again found myself in limbo or better yet another part time retail gig. What I have realized is that these things don’t just happen but it takes time and dedication, perseverance and an original idea or concept that you feel passionate about sticking with. Thus my idea to start a blog was born.

A blog would be the perfect way to curate my thoughts and present my projects and ideas to other like minded individuals. It would also be a great way to showcase my interest in cooking, writing and photography. At the time in which all of this was starting to make sense, I was starting a new job deep within the woods of western Maine, where access to digital outlets was suddenly very very limited. I also struggled with finding an idea and concept that I connected with, and was willing to dedicate my time to.

Now fast forward five months, and I am still out in the woods with little to no intention of leaving but I have a concept that I feel ready to commit to and make the time and space to develop further. This all wouldn’t be possible without the generous encouragement of some bad-a** ladies ( Suzanne , Liz , Ashley , Hayley , Jenn , Carrie ) who have dedicated their lives to similar passion projects revolving around food, photography, prop styling, and blogging. I recently had the pleasure of meeting them and a few others alike while attending a Prop &+ Food Styling retreat with Suzanne of Makers and Gatherers a few weekends back on Lake Winnipesaukee.

I was encouraged to find something that makes me happy and dive right in. We toyed with my last name a bit, which is in fact Beer, and my interests as an outdoor enthusiast who is always out and about somewhere embarking on some adventure and most likely enjoying a beer or two as I go; thus The Adventuring Beer was created.

Now if you are still reading, I would love to personally give you a high five and a thank you hug out of appreciation. I felt that it was important to bring forth my reason for creating this blog and my ideas behind it right away so then you as a view could hold a better understanding of myself as I embark on this new digital journey. This blog will hold personal entries of some of my adventures as an explorer, some recipes that I am developing including some of my favorite beers, as well as a deep exploration into the world of Beer. Ill spotlight a few of my favorite brews, bring you on a few brewery tours, document some brew based events that I enjoy attending each year, and give you my historical and factual learnings on beer and the culture behind it as I go forth.

I am excited to see where this will bring me next, and hope that you feel connected and interested in following along as well! If it interests you, don’t hesitate to reach out, I love connecting, and your opinions and ideas are greatly valued!

Best always,

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